Why is greed so prevalent?

An experience I recently had with the only wheelchair accessible cab service in town prompted me to write this.

Greed motivates way too many people, not only in the United States of Corporations, but sadly all over the world.

I live in a city with very limited wheelchair accessible public transportation and have no choice but to call an expensive cab company that has wheelchair accessible vans whenever I need a ride. They are actually quite new. They only started operating last year. I spoke with the owner a few weeks ago and she explained that her family owns several large businesses, including a few cab companies, and when they saw a need for wheelchair accessible transportation, they jumped on it. They are wealthy, that’s obvious.

It became painfully clear to me that the only thing that motivates these people is greed when one time I dared to bring two suitcases with me (we were moving that day and I thought I’d help by carrying at least a couple of pieces of luggage). When the cab driver called the main office and mentioned that I had “extra luggage”, they sounded annoyed and charged me an extra fee. Why? It’s not like I asked them to help me carry anything, my caregiver was with me and she carried the suitcases. Also, those are not shared rides, so it’s not like I was taking up someone else’s space or anything. I don’t understand why they’d charge extra money especially considering the fact that I’m a loyal customer. Well, I have no choice since, sadly, they have no competition! But still, to take advantage of the fact that there is no competition is, in my humble opinion, despicable.

On another occasion they charged me an outrageously high extra fee for “having to wait”. Wow.

I know that attacking capitalism and capitalist-minded individuals makes me sound crazy to some people but honestly, at this point in my life I’m all out of fucks to give. Greed is disgusting. Period.

No, I’m not saying that everything should be free and that people shouldn’t charge for goods or services, I’m not insane. What I am saying is, why let greed be the main motivating factor when running a business? For example, the people that own the cab company I mentioned above could easily lower their rates and still make a killing. Yet they not only charge high fees (to a segment of the population that’s not exactly rich), they also find excuses to charge extra fees. Unacceptable.

I’d LOVE to get a wheelchair accessible van and become their competition! This is how I would operate:
– Can you afford to pay full fare? Please do so.
– You can only afford to pay half the regular fare? That’s fine.
– You can’t afford to pay? That’s OK. We’ll help you anyway and compensate for the expense by selling merchandise and holding fundraisers with local businesses.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but there’s an army of us. We just need to organize ourselves as well as the greedy crowd.

Would anyone wish they made more money on their deathbed?

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