The promise of stem cell therapy

A dear friend of mine adopted a paraplegic kitten that some soulless, pathetic excuse of a human had harmed and discarded as garbage.

The poor cat had been literally living off garbage until a kind human saw him and brought him home. My friend then adopted him and the kitty’s long process of recovery began. His liver was in bad shape, his kidneys were failing and he suffered from severe colic. The vet said that his paralysis was the least of his problems at that point.

Fast forward two months: he’s in great health, playful and adorable. His vet referred my friend to a specialist who could set him up with a series of treatments for his paralyzed legs. After reviewing his x-rays and his entire medical history, the vet told my friend “I recommend stem cell therapy, hydrotherapy and physical therapy”.
My friend literally screamed and jumped for joy when she heard the words STEM CELL THERAPY. She had no idea that such a thing was even a possibility! Having known me for so long, she was very familiar with stem cell therapy and its potential uses.

As I’m sure you can all imagine, I’ve spent countless hours doing research for a cure for paralysis ever since my accident. There is none. However, stem cell therapy has been PROVEN to increase mobility in a surprisingly high percentage of spinal cord patients. I have to be brutally honest here, when I see fellow spinal cord injury sufferers talk about the possibility of walking again after undergoing stem cell therapy, I get sad because I don’t think that’s realistic at all. I certainly wouldn’t expect to walk again, but I know for a fact that stem cell therapy offers the very real possibility of increased mobility and that would make a world of difference for someone like me!

Able-bodied people would probably think “what would make you think that increased mobility would make such a big difference in your life?” I’m happy to explain.

I’ve met other quads who had more mobility than me and as a result didn’t need 24/7 care. For example a C5 quad woman I met in NYC was able to shower by herself (with supervision, of course) and she was also able to do things such as hold her phone (clumsily but still able) and sign her own checks. She could also feed herself with very little assistance. We had the exact same diagnosis: C5 quadriplegia, but she only needed part-time assistance due to the fact that she had more mobility in her arms, whereas I need assistance 24/7 because I can’t even scratch an itch on my forehead.

So yeah, increased mobility would definitely make me less of a burden to those around me.

I’ll be following this little guy’s progress with extreme interest!

Why am I crying?

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Update: It was decided that Scooter wasn’t a good candidate for stem cell therapy yet although that might change soon.82E14FAF-CC38-46FC-BD6D-347EB3C6926832C0DAF5-85FE-486F-8646-DEFDDB143F43

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