They DON’T hate us for our “freedom”

A “Facebook friend” recently posted this vile meme and left me wondering: how much ignorance and/or hate does it take to publish something like this? If we don’t want refugees, maybe we should stop creating them by bombing the hell out of their countries.

I myself was also taught to be blindly obedient and patriotic and to always stand on the side of my country regardless of the unspeakably horrible things done in its name. But you reach a point (at least I did) when you realize that that’s insane. I mean truly insane. Your conscience starts eating away at you, your inner sense of justice makes you want to take off the blinders and study ACTUAL history.

Whether we want to admit it or not, the United States was founded on the blood of Native Americans and the backs of enslaved human beings brought from Africa. Facts are NOT up for debate.

We have invaded countries and stolen their resources. Sadly, that’s not a thing of the past as it has continued to this day. We have installed bloody dictators all over Latin America (look up “Operation Condor”) to advance corporate interests regardless of the destruction of democracy and the horrendous human rights violations. Those who are invading sovereign nations and installing murderous dictators have no moral authority whatsoever to lecture anyone on human rights and democracy. And they certainly don’t get to complain when the citizens of the countries they’ve ravaged come to our borders in a desperate attempt to survive.

If the United States really cared about human rights and democracy, would it embrace Saudi Arabia where women are considered PROPERTY, human rights are violated on a regular basis and children are taught in school that we are one of their enemies? And now the Trump regime is embracing the murderous dictator that runs the country of North Korea with an iron fist, starves its people and happily executes anyone who looks at him wrong. Freedom and democracy, huh?

“They hate us for our freedom”. That phrase makes me laugh at first, then it makes me angry. They hate us for our imperialism, they hate us for our brutality, they hate us for our greed, they hate us for our bombs. The only absolute freedom we have in the United States is the “freedom” to accept the system that has been imposed upon us without questioning it. Don’t you dare protest against it or you’ll be labeled a radical and/or unpatriotic.

No, I do NOT hate the United States. I hate the corporate takeover of our government. Their ruthless lust for profits above anything else is truly sickening. I’d love to be proud of my country because I do love it, but I hate what it has become.

A culture that doesn’t acknowledge its mistakes is doomed to repeat them.

Spare me your outrage.

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